Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Attitude that killed Jamestown – To good to do Manuel labor, ran off for gold
1630 Puritans followed Pilgrims – The great migration
Wanted to form a city on a hill – John Whinthrope
Wanted separation between church and government - Roger Williams
What colony did Roger Williams found? – Providence
1700s enlightenment ideas swept America, many were good, many were godless, after this revival started, what was the revival called? – The Great Awakening
What was the name of the pastor who started the great awakening – John Edwards
7 years war in Europe had another name in America, what was it called? – French and Indian War
Which side won the French and Indian War – British
What was the name of Indian chief who built collation of Indian forces that stopped movement Westward? – Chief Pontiac
This economic policy that favors the mother country – Mercantilism
What was the American rallying cry when Britain taxed? – No taxation without representation
1770 British soldiers fired into crowd killing 5 people, what was it called? – The Boston Massacre
Kept American Revolution from going bad – Committees of Correspondence
Britain had policies that violated American rights, American’s started meeting called the – First Continental Congress
Who led American Forces for fight for Independence – George Washington
What was American’s first government – A confederacy
Why didn’t confederacy work well? – Central government wasn’t strong enough to enforce laws
Because American confederacy wasn’t working very well a new convention was called to write up what? – The Constitution Of the United States
Who is the father of the Constitution? – James Madison
According to the Constitution power not given to government is reserved for? – The States, and the people
What does E pluribus Unum mean? – One out of many (out of many, one)
What’s the difference between a democracy and a republic – Republic, people elect representatives, rule by law, democracy, vote of the majority, rule of the people
French Revolution was based off the ideas of the – Philosophes
Lois the 14th kicked who out of France? – Hugonauts
France social problems were rooted in social categories called? – Estates
First estate was? – Clergy
Second estate was? – Nobility
Third estate was? – Common people
True or false – commoners were the poor people in French society? – FALSE
Which estate paid the most taxes? – Commoners
Voltaire was a missionary for Deism, what is Deism? – Belief that God created the world and left it to run
Who believed there were two parts for the individual? Mind and matter – Rene Decartes
What is his view of humanity called? – Cartesian Dualism
Who believed individual was molded by environment? – John Locke (Tabula Rasa)
Who believed life was short, and needed to yield rights to the state? – Thomas Hobbes
What did he call the state? – The great leviathan
What did Jack Roseau believe about the government? – Government was necessary evil, and society should be ruled by general will
How did he believe people should be governed? – The Social Contract
Roseau, community was more important
Commoners rebelled against Loius the 16th, they attacked an armory, what was the event called? – The Storming of the Bastille
Lois the 16th beheaded, plus 16k other people, what was the time called? – The Reign of Terror
1700s-1800s, economic event happened – Industrial Revolution
Adam Smith, What is a free market economy – Allowing people to follow their own economic interests, without government interference
What is another name for the theory of a free market economy? – Capitalism or Lassai faire
What did Ely Whitney invent – Cotton Gin, also the Interchangeable parts to mass-produce
Greatest inventor of all time? – Thomas Edison 1,093
What did the Lassai faire economics not take into consideration? – Man’s sin nature
What movement happened in late 1700s, that gave Britain Christian consensus – Weslian Revival
What did industrial Revolution do for humanity? – raised overall wealth of nation and middle-class
What is Romanticism? – movement that emphasized emotion, feeling, RETURN TO NATURE
What man provided leadership and stability to revolution? – Napoleon Boneparte
Napoleon wanted republic, but what was lacking? – Everyone answered to him. There were no rights for the people.
Longer Napoleon ruled, the more ____ he became – Authoritarian
What things did Napoleon do at his crowning? – Placed the crown on his own head
Napoleon wanted to bring French Revolution to other Europe, how did others feel? – They were afraid, and didn’t want to. Common people loved Napoleon, but those in power hated him
Why couldn’t Napoleon defeat the British? – British had strong navy
Who was in charge of British navy? – Lord Nelson
1812, Napoleon ruled Europe, what did he call Europe? – His Grand Empire
When he invaded countries, new phenomena arose – Nationalism
What is nationalism? – Worldview that revolves around your own country
What’s the distinguishing characteristic? – Country really matters, you go to whatever is necessary, and eventually tyranny comes forth. Feeling of loyalty to those who feel the same language, religion, and national symbols. It sets them apart from other people.
How was Napoleon ultimately defeated? – Scorched earth tactics of the Russians – they burned everything
In what ways is Napoleon’s, legacy mixed? Good and bad – Spread the idea of revolution, living in freedom – but he also ruled badly, and took over
Napoleon’s example gave dictators a model of how to use proproganda
Europe called a meeting to put things back together, Post-Napoleon meeting? – Congress of Vienna
Who headed the Congress of Vienna? – Clendenlon, Metternich
What ideology failed after the meeting? – Conservatism
What is 19th century conservatism in a nutshell? – Just wanted to maintain status quo, restore monarchy back – Should obey those in authority, you’re crazy if you want riots
British troops defeated French at the – Battle of Waterloo
Revolution broke out all over Europe, because of Napoleon, people wanted freedoms, Congress of Vienna responded by establishing the Concert of Europe, what did this have authority to do? – To put armies together and go to other countries and stop revolt
What was principle called, when you send troops in to stop revolt? – Principle of Intervention
When European leaders considered sending troops to South America, James Monroe issues proclamation – Monroe Doctrine
What did it say? – Britain couldn’t send troops (stay out of affairs) to the Americas
What idiology says that people should be free from constraint? – Liberalism
Government shouldn’t interfere with people’s economics is called? – Lassai Faire
What did socialists believe? – Capitalism was a problem. Everyone should be economically equal, against the competitive spirit
Utopian Socialism – Marxism! – Everything is put into one big lump sum and everyone shares everything
After Napoleon’s defeat the conservatives did all they could to stop the liberals. Why didn’t the liberals unite? – They were to divided, to many factions, to many conflicts
What did Germans focus on instead of democracy? – Nationalism, and unifying the states into one nation
Chancellor of Germans – Otto van Bismark – Iron Chancellor
Bismark started wars to create unity, two wars, who were they with? – France, Austria
Who was ruling France when Germany defeated it? – (Napoleon) Louis 3rd
Whilhelm the 1st of Prussia became Keizer of? – 2nd German Empire
Austrians revolted during 1848 revolution, which family put it down? – Hapsburgs
Austrians had problem that caused no end of trouble, what was it? – Tons of different nationalities
Who led the Italians to Freedom? – Camillo decoure?
Leader who wanted Italy to be a democratic republic – Guessppi Giabaldi
What political philosophy says that humanity is good and getting better? – Progressivism --- Change equals progress
What ways did Darwin’s theory of Evolution fit into Progressivism? – Things could go from simple to complex, crude to civilized. It progressed
1859, On the Origins of Species by means of natural selections, 22 years later he did another book, it was called? – The Descent of Man
What was the premise of the Descent of Man? – Included Eugenics, survival of the fittest
What movement started because of the Descent of Man? – Eugenics Movement
What did this movement promote? – Survival of the fittest should continue. If a person isn’t useful in society, he has no value