Monday, June 8, 2009

This is funny. :-)

Phobia: peladophobia Fear of: bald people



Jare and Lib said...

Ha! that is funny.

Where did you find that??


Annie C. Landon said...

Wow....that is incredibly lame!
Who thought of that?!

JustinK said...

@Lib - I just found it on my igoogle home page. It was a random fact.

@Annie - Someone who must have had a lot of hair and a great fear of bald people. For some reason. Who knew...

JbarJ Mom said...

That Someone must have been super bored and wanted to make up a phobia but...:) Wow!)

JbarJ Mom said...

JUSTIN!!! Justin, Justin, Justin!
Guess what!!!! We...*pantpant* We got our TA! *jumpsupanddown**squeels* TA!!!(Sorry...TA means travel approval to go to china!) YAY YAY! *jumpsoffwalls*

JustinK said...

That's so awesome!! When are you going??

JbarJ Mom said...

Ummmm....hopefully in a few days but...we're waiting for our appointments and with never know!

JbarJ Mom said...

Gee...I hate to do two posts in a row but...We got our appointments! Problem being that we will be getting back on July 8th so we'll miss:
My cousins graduation and going away party.
My dad's birthday
My sisters birthday
And the fourth of july!
Oh well...At least he'll finally be coming home!