Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Odd that... people comment on this blog quite a bit. But I rarely get a comment on the blog that actually matters in the long run. Can anyone give me a good reason why? I think it's just today's society. Who knows. It's still sad in my opinion. Because, this blog, it's fun, it's a nice update for those of you who don't see my often, but the other one, it's the one that truly matters. It's the one that will get us thinking, pondering, and hopefully drawing us closer to Him.

Just a thought...



Amber Cuadra said...

I think it's because this one is actually about you and it's easier to comment on a blog that's more personal and it helps people feel in contact with you personally. The other one you have to think and make sure you're saying something important. And I think half the time, people will read the important posts and just ponder them rather than commenting and discussing.

At least that's my opinion. Does that make sense?

JustinK said...

Yes, it makes sense in a way, and doesn't in another way. It makes me wonder what my generation has come to if people aren't willing to voice their opinions on important matters, and aren't willing to do as I do and take the time to write out their thoughts, share their feelings on spiritual matters. I guess my question is, "Why is it so hard?"

Thanks for commenting.

Lady Greenleaf said...

I was about to say what she just said. :)

Perhaps it's hard simply because the readers are unused to thinking deeply, and are not interested in the challenge it presents.
Or because they are afraid someone with more experience or knowledge will come along and make them look like idiots.
It could also be that this someone of "our generation" reads this tricky topic and is intimidated...feels inadequate to provide and intelligent answer, and therefore says nothing.