Friday, September 17, 2010

National Tell-People-About-Blogs Day!

Pass on the good news folks! It's the day we tell people about blogs! So pass on the URL of mine to people and tell them to read it! Please...?

In the meantime visit these blogs and subscribe!


Have a nice day!



Ebenezer Forest Farm said...

Hi Justin!

Now I know this is a bit off-subject… but I just had to say it!
You know how you were telling all your blog readers of your extra-ordinary ability to see everything from a slightly pessimistic view… well, after reading this little poem, I couldn’t help but think of you:

“T’wix the Optimist and the Pessimist,
The difference is a droll.
The Optimist sees a doughnut,
The Pessimist—a hole.”

LOL! Hope that brightens your day!


JustinK said...

Indeed it did Bethany! (Though you seem to have commented on the wrong post. Doesn't matter though.)

Thanks for the example of how amazing my pessimism really is. Afterall... I do tend to see the hole. Who wants the donut?


Lady Greenleaf said...

Ah, but a donut hole is, in fact, a donut. Therefore, pessimism does not exist and we are all forced to be optimists.

(And the word verification is "scones," which I find ironic.)