Tuesday, September 7, 2010


When I think about life: I look, I observe, I ponder... but what do I see?

Do I see the big picture? Do I see what it's all made of? Do I see where I'm being taken, and what I should expect?

Or do I see closer in? Seeing simply what I'm supposed to see in the moment...

Or... do I see even closer? Do I ponder what the true reality is... what life really means? Do I look and capture in my mind the essence of what I'm being taught? Truly try to comprehend what's in the here and now, rather than what I wish I was seeing?

Yet in the end... doesn't life simply come down to one thing? If you think so tell me what that one thing is, here's a hint, look closely, and ponder.


Sonja said...

When I take a moment in the quiet of a day to ponder what really matters, I find that aside from my Savior, His Father, and Their Words, life is rather insignificant--to quote the proverbial psalmist ""Meaningless! Meaningless!...Utterly meaningless!
Everything is meaningless." (Ecl. 1:2)

With Many Blessings,

Sarah A. said...

Wow, great post. Encouraging thought as we enter the next school year! Thanks for helping us to "see the Cross" through it all bro!

Lady Greenleaf said...

It might be a bad sign that the first thing I saw was a long drop with rocks at the bottom.

Good post, though. :)