Saturday, April 25, 2009


Here I am... with my cousins.... Matt (cousin) and I wanted to go shoot some hoops in the peaceful Saturday night air. Simple idea. How did it carry out? Well let's see...

Chelle is gone, Matt can't move her car. So we give up. Decide to just hang out instead. Helpful Eric says, "dude, get the spare!" And we're like, wait, yeah, sweet! Matt goes out, as I practice my trick dribbles, he puts the key in the car door and WOOT WOOT WOOT WOOT..... yep.... the car alarm went off. No one told us that that if you put the key in the cardoor without the little electronic thingy-ma-bob that it would set the alarm off.... 10 times..... Yeah that was loud....


Lindsey said...

hey sorry. I coulda told you that. :'(
why do they even make alarms?
one time Holly and amber ran in a store and I stayed in the car...locked. guess what? if you open the door from the inside, the alarm goes off. nice. I had to run in safeway and track them down and get the keys. it was horrible. ;)

Annie C. Landon said...

::laughs:: OOH!!! BUMMER!!! What an adventure!! LOLz
Dad always makes the alarm go off if my bros. are racing to the car!! It scares them so bad!! Gotta' love technology!! :D

JustinK said...

Yeah, overall it was just plain hilarious. I was standing there in the driveway dying from laughter while Matt is sitting inside the car trying to figure out how to get out.
Doors lock
Doors unlock
Window goes up
Window goes down
Door opens
Matt jumps out and slams the door shut

::laughs:: it was so totally priceless.

Quinton said...

haha! priceless, i'm sure! that would be pretty hilarious... good memory, huh? :)