Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Alright, here I am with Taylor, Greg, Joelle, and Eric. We're sitting in a coffee shop in our suits waiting for our sister to be done with work to take us home. We're arguing about everything possible and loving it to pieces. I'm REALLY tired, and I love it!! Um.... And um......

Is this is an oxymoron?
Plastic Silverware

Can I ask a question?

We were talking about this at TP. It was interesting. But, I guess no one knows that oxymoron is an oxymoron... ::sighs:: the english langugage kills me. See? It doesn't REALLY kill me... English.... bleh.... see? That's not a real word, yet, everyone who just read that knows what I mean! ::laughs:: here we go again.... :-)

You guys rock! wait... it's mostly girls.... ENGLISH!!!!! ::laughs::



The Reluctant Dragon said...

My favorite, one word oxymoron is "naturalize." The artificial process of making making something natural. Yeah.

JbarJ Mom said...

TeenPact Rocks like gravel!!!
I got a really good one from mark twain.

"It takes me a month to write a good impromptu."
"Quiting smoking is easy. I've done it a hundred times!"

Sarah Aldrich