Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday morning......

Since my cousins are here.... I wanted to get up early, get a shower before everyone else. So, I had Matt wake me up at 6:00 cause he's sleeping in my bed with my alarm clock and I'm downstairs with Jake on the couch. We stayed up pretty late. It was good finally getting some time with him, we don't normally have time to talk about things that are more personal, because there are usually a few more cousins roaming around. :)

But here I am, my hair's wet, gelled.... :-) And my eyes are bloodshot, I'd get dressed buy Matt and Eric went back to bed after waking me up. So much for that idea. Oh well. As long as the car alarm doesn't go off this morning we're good. :)

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Quinton said...

This post sounds like an extended twitter message.. lol.. not necessarily a bad thing.. just kinda funny. :)