Tuesday, April 28, 2009

This outta get some laughs....

Phobia: Francophobia

Fear of: France, french culture

Now, if we're speaking Nikolas Batum... yeah right... but we're not. We're like speaking. Yeah... France. :) GO BATUM!!!! (bt the way, he's like this amazing dude that plays for the Blazers... and I sport his jersey while playing b-ball.... and um.... Can any of you find the pun? ::laughs:: Why do I ask you people for things that I know you won't get. You're just a bunch of pineapples.... ::laughs::

To TeenPact I go.....


emily said...

what like, "sporting his jersey" or something?!!" I don't get it....and seriously, don't make fun of pineapples :] I *am* a pineapple, and I'm proud of it....it's what makes me me... :].....these jokes make no sense...::sighs::...miss you!

Annie C. Landon said...

::laughs:: WOW, Justin....you get less and less as the week progresses, don't you??
The first sign of a failing joke is when you have to actually ASK people to find your pun!!! LOL

You totally just made my morning, if that makes you feel any better!!

To TeenPact I go too.....

Lindsey said...

a bunch of pineapples? that's different. :) I think you may be overly tired. :P

JustinK said...

lol, yes, that's just what I meant! ::applauds:: you're amazing sis.

Um... thank you.... ::laughs:: I think hopefully that was sarcastic. Lol. Thanks anyhow. :)

Tired? Tired? What? ::laughs::