Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Titles 2!

Here we go again! :) Once again, hope I make you laugh. :)

Almost Missed The Bus by Justin Time

April Fool! by Sue Prize

Back Row Of The Orchestra by Clara Nett

Baseball Poetry by Homer

Be Prepared by Justin Case

Blowout! by Vlad Tire

Caulking Made Easy by Phil McKrevis

Crackdown by Lauren Order

Dive! Dive! by Perry Scope

Dull Razor by Nick Shaving

Equine Leg Cramps by Charlie Horse

Flips And Tumbles by Jim Nastics

Great Mysteries by Hugh Dunnit




Quinton said...

Yes!!! Oh, SO funny.. I like the one by Charlie Horse. haha... great times.. good way to keep you're friends lighthearted and happy. lol.

Annie C. Landon said...

::busts up laughing:: OKAY!! That was your best Pun Post yet!!!

Anonymous said...

I know someone who almost accidently named her daughter Clare Annette!

JustinK said...

@ Quin - Thank, I'm glad to make you happy.

@Annie - Thanks! I love puns...

@Lereticent dragon - That's hilarious! I would have felt very sorry for her... :)

Thanks all for commenting!