Monday, May 11, 2009

Book Titles....

I figure since I've gone over puns quite a bit that maybe some book titles that are rather punny... or not so much... might make ya'll laugh a little bit.

Allegiance To The King by Neil Downe

Beach Blanket Bingo by Sandy Trunks

Clear Sky Forecast by Esau Starrs

Do You Hear a Phone? by Isabel Ringing

Falling Off A Bridge by Ilene Dover

Highway Travel by Dusty Rhodes

I Say So! by Frank O. Pinion

Just Say No by Will Power

Lazy Employees by Hans Doolittle

Making Explosives by Stan Wellback

Nice Hotels by Mary Ott

Out Of Breath by Ima Puffing

Parachuting by Hugo First

Shhh! by Danielle Soloud

The Excitement Of Trees by I. M. Board

To Be Honest by Frank Lee

Without Warning by Oliver Sudden

You're Kidding! by Shirley U. Jest

Hope you enjoyed!


LaurenM. said...

::laughs:: You made me laugh. :-) Thanks!

JustinK said...

Yay! :-) I'm glad... thanks for reading!

Lindsey said...

hahaha very funny...thank you, Justin. :)

Quinton said...

it's hilarious when you think that without the author... it's not funny at all. lol. but of course with reading both the title and the author you just crack up laughing. haha... thanks, justin. :)