Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good 'Ole Military Tactics

Now this story is hilarious. At first you'll start to cringe, but then you'll realize that yes, some people are really, "bone heads" when it comes to doing smart things.

Let us review-
That man with the lovely car, yes, his car. And he left his money in an open envelope in the back. Of his very nice CONVERTIBLE. That's just plain funny.

Then, the oh so amazingly awful holiday complaints. "They never said they would bite" And, "Too many Indians in India."

Finally, the utmost importance of the Canadian emergency rooms. Those all turn the tide of the normality of thinking while living a life, and destroy the ideology that you must be smart to have a job. This next one though, I think must take the cake. Enjoy...


Russian village hit by navy salvo during training

29 May, 02:36 PM

A Russian warship has accidentally fired a missile salvo at a little Russian village near St. Petersburg during military exercises, Russian website reports. The warship fired more than ten rockets, the attack resulting in a broken car window.

The village, named Pesochnoye, was attacked on Thursday at about 7.00 pm Moscow time, Russian website reports.

The reports were confirmed by the St. Petersburg naval base. A spokesman for the naval base said that the village had been accidentally attacked by a Baltic naval anti-submarine warship, which was holding military exercises in the Gulf of Finland.

According to the reports, the attack has neither done any harm to the civilian population, nor ruined any houses. The only damage reported was a broken car window.


Congrats Russia, glad we're allies....

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JbarJ Mom said...

WoW! ThAt iS FuNnY!
(I lOvE wRiTiNg LiKe ThIs!)