Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More Book Titles......

Alright, tell me when you're bored with these. And I'll change it up a little bit. :)

No... seriously... tell me when you're tired of these...

A Great Plenty by E. Nuff

Achy Breaky Heart by Ann Guish

Ambulance Driving by Adam Muhway

Armed Heists by Robin Banks

Bedtime by P.J. Maws

Bring To The Grocer's by R. Listz

Chinese Apathy by Hu Carres

Daddy, Are We There Yet? by Miles Away

Do It Yourself by Tyrone Shoelace

Fish Story by Rod Enreel

Foot Coverings by Susan Socks

Greenhouse Flowers by Mary Golds

How To Read a Book by Paige Turner

Life Six Feet Under by Doug Graves

Little Bitty Froggies by Tad Polle

Hope you enjoyed!



Annie C. Landon said...

I loved "Do It Yourself by Tyrone Shoelace"!!!
Definitely the best one!!

JustinK said...

::laughs:: Yes, that one's pretty funny. :-) Though, Armed Heists by Robin Banks was pretty funny I thought. :)

Thanks for reading!

Bracie said...

A Great Plenty by E. Nuff...

I must say that I am interested in aspects of your life other than your brilliant book titles...

But of course, they're very funny!

Eeek! Blogs are soo distracting. How will I ever get Spanish done when one of my friends posts every two hours?

JustinK said...

Well Grace. If you say so. :) I'll have to think of something else to say.... hm.... maybe another story? :) Anyhow, I'm glad you think their funny.

Who posts every two hours?? Not me... :) Do your Spanish! Speaking of... I need to do Latin... I know... Latin. The dead language. What shall I do with my amazing Latin speaking skills? Well, I can sort of converse with Eric. I mean, he's doing Spanish, I'm doing Latin, but we can kinda tell what we're saying to each other. :) It's rather humerus.

Anywho... thanks for reading Grace!


Gina said...

wow Justin where do you get all of these!? good heavens. thank you for the daily dose of happy. ;) I really enjoy reading these! :D

(I'm on my moms account sorry)

JustinK said...

Thanks Lindsey!

Well... it's pretty easy... you can google(And yes, google can be used as a verb. It couldn't as of 2007. But in 2008 the national word association or something weird like made it an official verb. Anywho... :)), "Hilarious book titles" and such like that. OR you can just read them without any work from me. :-)

Thanks for commenting!


Bisceglia Family said...

You won't believe how oblivious I am. The other day I checked your blog and saw the posts of bood titles. I scanned them without really paying any attention to the authors' names and thought, "Duh, what's so very funny about that?" Later Janna asked me if I'd seen the book titles, started talking about how funny they were, and I got it. So I came back and actually read them. They're hilarious!!! I was practically laughing out loud!

Thanks for cheering up my day,
Kathrina, the Fourth Rose